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About the office

Liberty County Seal

The County Attorney’s Office serves the public interest by representing Liberty County and the State of Montana in:

  • Criminal prosecutions

  • The County’s legal business

  • The County’s civil cases

  • Advising the Board of County Commissioners

  • Advising County offices, departments, and subdivisions


The County Attorney’s Office:

  • Prosecutes felonies in district court

  • Prosecutes misdemeanors in justice court

  • Prosecutes juvenile crimes in youth court

  • Represents the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services in district court cases for the protection of child welfare

  • Handles petitions for involuntary mental commitments

  • Acts as special prosecutor for other counties

  • Obtains investigative subpoenas for the investigation of probable criminal offenses

  • Prosecutes misdemeanors in the Town Court of Chester by contract between Liberty County and the Town of Chester.

County Attorney

Robert Padmos

Legal Assistant

Karen Graham


Sweetgrass Law

110 E. Jefferson

Chester MT 59522



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