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The sheriff’s office is responsible for a variety of duties related to enforcing state and local laws. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Investigating all crimes committed in the County

  • Preserving the peace

  • Attending all courts and carrying out court orders

  • Patrolling all roads within the County

  • Animal control in rural areas of the County

The Sheriff serves as the Coroner, Fire Warden and the Public Administrator for Liberty County.

Liberty County Seal

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The Sheriff’s office also provides the following:

  • Livestock/branding inspections

  • Burn Permits

  • Serves civil papers

    • $75 plus mileage​

  • Concealed Weapon Permits 

    • Must be approved by Sheriff

    • $55 new permit/$25 renewal​ (4 yr)

    • Must be U.S. citizen 18 yrs of age or older
    • Must be Montana resident - at least 6 months
    • Must show proof of hunter's safety education or firearm safety training
    • Hunter's Education Certificate can be printed from Fish Wildlife and Parks website:


Complete the application but DO NOT SIGN OR DATE. Signature must be witnessed by Sheriff. Click on the link below for application and map of states that honor Montana permit.​

Liberty County Seal


Nick Erickson


Physical Address:

111.5 East Adams Ave. 

Chester, MT 59522

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 170



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