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An $8.00 per page fee is charged for a standard document OR $8.00 per page PLUS $10.00 per document for a non-standard document.

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Do I need an attorney to record a document?

No, although we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you consult with an attorney or a title company before recording any document affecting title to property.

Do you supply blank forms for recording documents?

No. Many forms are available at stationery stores or online. Beware that many pre-printed forms do not meet the requirements as outlined in the Montana Document Standards (7-4-2636 MCA) (See Recording Information & Fees Tab for pdf of document standards).


What is a Deed? What isn't it?

A Deed is a document which transfers ownership of property. The property on a Deed is described by a Legal Description of the land, and typically, but not always, refers to the improvements thereupon to be transferred. A Deed is signed by the previous owner(s) (Grantor) and transfers ownership to the new owner(s) (Grantee). A Deed is not a 'Certificate' or 'Title' such as a vehicle would have. 

What about the Title for my house?

Permanent buildings or improvements on property do not typically carry any record in our office. Most buildings and/or improvements do not have a Title. The main exception to this is Manufactured/Mobile homes, which do typically have a Vehicle Title, which must be handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles, as we do not hold this record.


Does the Clerk & Recorder keep marriage or divorce records?

No, marriage and divorce records are held by the Liberty County Clerk of Court.

Can the Clerk & Recorder office answer legal questions?

No. Employees at the Clerk & Recorder office cannot answer legal questions. Please speak with an Attorney or the Justice Center has a Self-Help Law office. North East Region (

How do I correct the name/information on a Birth Certificate?

This is done through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services - Vital Statistics Division (406) 444-2685 or CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW LINK


Why have I not received my recorded document back in the mail?

After all processing is complete, the Clerk & Recorder's Office sends recorded documents back to the party listed in the upper left corner of the document. By law, we must send it to the name and address listed on that area of the document. If you are expecting a recorded document to be returned to you, and have not received it yet, it may be for the following reasons:

  • We are still processing it. After recording, we undertake many steps to ensure the integrity of our records and to be sure that all records are properly stored for archival purposes. Documents are being mailed back at approximately two to four weeks after recording.

  • It was never recorded. If another party was supposed to record the document for you, it is possible there was a problem, and it was never recorded. Check with the party that should have recorded it for you.

  • Your name and address was not in the upper left corner. By law, we may only mail to that address. If someone else prepared the document, they may have put a different name and/or address on the document in that spot. Please check with that party.

  • You moved during the processing time or the address was incorrect. We do keep returned mail here for a period, so if you have checked the other items mentioned, we may have it here. You may call our main office number to inquire. (406) 759-5365

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